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Leveraging Technology to Maximize the Power of Mentoring

Mentoring is one of the most valuable development opportunities organizations can provide. Yet mentoring programs can be challenging to manage, measure and scale. Learn how you can leverage technology to get the most out of mentoring with this step-by-step guide to best practices.

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Learning Partnerships in Organizations

Learning partnerships are powerful tools for development because they enable and support employee growth in multiple ways.This includes providing constructive feedback, emotional support, knowledge and skills sharing,access to career building relationships, enhanced employee socialization, cultural adaptation, and increased motivation,to name a few.

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Building the Learning Business Case - The ROI of Next Generation LMS

Learn about when and why it’s important to upgrade to a next-generation LMS.,Don't let your learning solution hold your business back. Learn when and why it's important to upgrade to an LMS.

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Exceed Candidate Expectation - Global Recruiting Experience on Any Device

Mobile technology usage has exploded in the last decade. Since the emergence of the smartphone and the Internet of Things (IoT), connected devices are now a part of everyday life. Read on for insights on how to exceed candidate expectations through a global recruiting experience.

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How to Source and Select the Best Hires for Small to Medium-Size Businesses

In this SuccessFactors white paper, you get a guide on how to create a sourcing and selection process that takes into account performance and overall business and recruiting strategy.

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Jump start your mobile recruiting strategy to attract more prospects and fill positions quickly

With more mobile phones worldwide than toothbrushes and Internet access available nearly everywhere, mobile is the most effective way to connect with job seekers, from tech savvy job seekers to those in emerging markets. Read on for three best practices that will jump-start your mobile recruiting strategy focused on pragmatism and the best return on investment.

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Curing the top 8 performance review headaches for managers

Annual performance reviews can have enormous benefits when done right. This eBook discusses the top manager headaches and the solutions that can ease the pain.

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Blended Learning Is Here, Are You Prepared?

The key to a company’s success largely depends on the expertise of its staff. To ensure your employees possess the skills necessary to perform well, it’s increasingly imperative that your organization provides a comprehensive, fully immersive learning experience that’s specifically designed to benefit your workforce